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We also deal with Braking Resistors that comply to the RoHS directories & are UL certified. Dynamic Braking Resistors are manufactured keeping their reliability & durability into account and are also designed & developed according to clients' specifications. .


We also deal with Braking Resistors that comply to the RoHS directories & are UL certified. Dynamic Braking Resistors are manufactured keeping their reliability & durability into account and are also designed & developed according to clients' specifications.


AC/DC Instrumental Cooling Fans :- Characteristics :- • Available from 1.5" to 8" Size • Metals Grills Available Applications : • Power Supplies • Inverters • Process Control Equipments • Control Panels • Automation • UPS • SMPS • Processor & Computer Cabins • AC/DC Motor Control Drivers • Transformers • PLC Units • Medical Applications -- Blood Analyser • Batch Coder

DC-DC Converter

We are engaged in offering our customers with a wide range of highly efficient and performance oriented DC-DC Converters. These are useful for converting source of direct current from one voltage level to another. These superior quality convertors are designed in a compact manner, thereby saving valuable space by replacing multiple batteries. The key specifications of the TDC-DC Converters offered by us include: 13.5 V, 10 MPS output DC-DC converter suitable for VHF Radio DC100-Input DC range 20 to 30 V DC100B-Input DC range 40 to 60 V DC100R-Input DC range 60 to 110V

Haara Mehatronics

Our Product Range


Made of a crystalline semiconductor material, connecting two electrical terminals, a diode can be thought of as of a check valve fitted into an electronic circuit. Its basic and most common function is to allow the flow of current in only one direction, which is referred to as the diode's forward direction.


Various types of diodes are available which enable different kinds of applications like photo-detection, and in DVD and CD drives, laser pointers, etc. Schottky diodes are used in RF applications, rectifier applications and clamping diodes. Zener diode is widely used to provide a reference voltage. Solar cells and photometry use photodiode. They also act as capacitor and capacitor plates.

Our product range includes point contact diode, signal diode, step recovery diode, gold doped diode, tunnel diode, Light Emitting diode, Laser diode, Avalanche diode, Schottky diode, Zener diode, Photodiode, varicap diode, rectifier diode and many more


Semiconductor fuses are used in electrical systems to protect against excessive current. Its essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current flows, which interrupts the circuit in which it is connected. Because of this fast action, semiconductor fuses help to limit the short circuit current significantly. Semiconductor fuses are available in several different enclosures.


1. Fuse stops excessive current so that further damage by overheating or fire is prevented.
2. This over current protection device is essential in electrical systems to limit threats to human life and property damage.
3. Fuses are selected to allow passage of normal current and of excessive current only for short periods.

Some of the key features of our semi conductors fuses are as follows:

1. Low power dissipation
2. High current limitation
3. Resistance to corrosion

Our range of semiconductor fuses limit the short circuit current in various settings viz. domestic, hospitals, industries and thus ensure the long lasting usage. They are available in easy-to-use model with sustained high performance.


IGBT is an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is a highly efficient, fast power switching, three-terminal semiconductor device. This device is a combination of the mechanisms In MOSFET and BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR. The IGBT combines the simple gate-drive characteristics of the MOSFETs with the high-current and low-saturation-voltage capability of bipolar transistors using an isolated gate FET for the control input, and a bipolar power transistor as a switch, in a single device. The IGBT is used in medium- to high-power applications such as switched-mode power supply, traction motor control and induction heating. With controlled power input supported by a Gate fet and quick switching technique of a transistor. IGBT is an electronic appliance finding a wide range of application from air-conditioners, electric trains and cars, refrigerators and stereo with switching amplifiers.

Integrated Circuits

We offer our customers with a wide range of high-quality Integrated Circuits, which is appreciated for its quality and durability. The circuits have been designed and manufactured to ensure low power consumption, while providing flawless performance. These are extensively used in a number of applications in almost all electronic equipment.

  The various types of integrated circuits offered by us include: Microprocessors Opto Couplers Digital ICs PAL / GAL PLD / EPLD Micro Controllers Analog ICs EPROM / EEPROM Serial E²PROM 40/45 Series 74 LS / F / S / HC / HCT / ALS / FCT series   These integrated circuits are available in the following ranges: DIP – 6 pin to 64 pin PLCC – 20 to 84 pin LCC PQFP SSOP TSOP PGA   These integrated circuits are available in the following makes: AD AMD Atmel Dallas HP Intel Maxim Motorola National Philips Samsung Siemens Siliconix ST Texas Toshiba Unitrode Zicor and many more


Mosfet is actually a Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. 2.The functionality of this device is switching or amplifying electronic signals. 3.They can be integrated into both digital and analog circuit. 4.This type of transistor has found its place within computers, cellular phones etc